Designed as a robust, themed, movable stool and weighing just over 5 kg (11 Ib), RACER can be easily pulled from place to place by its Bridle-Leather handle.

RACER contains over 55% recycled content, making it a great environmentally-friendly piece of
furniture. The vinyl top is wipe-clean and in combination with the 100% wool body fabric and FR fillings the entire stool is fire rated Crib 5 (way beyond the domestic specification and the highest commercial and public area rating)

There are NINE standard colour/number combinations available from stock.

Your own colour / number selection is possible to special order, but because this requires individual printing it comes at a small premium and on slightly extended delivery. (numbers 0-999)


If you’d like your own custom racer stool, please follow the link below for more information!

Stools can be customized to your preferred color of the material, bridle leather handle color, and racer number.